Autumn Season Finals

T.B.C. 09/10/2016
Registration: 13:00 to 14:15
Start: 14:30

Game Nights

Day TimeVenue
Mon 19:30
Mon 19:30
Mon 19:30
Tue 19:30 The Crown

£3 buy-in + £2 re-buy
Tue 19:30 The Jolly Milliner

£3 buy-in + £2 re-buy
Weds 19:30
Weds 19:30
Thurs 19:30 The Jolly Milliner

£3 buy-in + £2 re-buy
Fri 19:30

League Results

Name Finals
Pete Murray 7300
Liam Readings 7000
Roxanne Hughes 6700
Karen Mead 6600
Suzanne Gleeson 6000
Trish Louden 5700
Kev Cannon 6000
Jaydeen Macken 5400
Kimberley 5700
Martin Willis 5700
Robin Bruce 5300
Paul Graves 5300
Geoff Steele 5000
Caroline 5500
Joe Middleton 4900
Lorraine 5300
Ken Edge 5200
Derrick Smith 5000
Claire Shekle 5300
Sam Milford 4900
Danny Lismore 4800
Betty Smith 5200
Ryan Pugh 4800
Emma Shekle 5200
Ted 4700
Paul Ibbotson 4800
Alan Jones 5200
Vince Ferrante 4900
Ross Harvey 4700
James Smith 5000
John Yeldham 4400
Sasha Gibbins 4900
Craig Miles 4500
Jim Hardisty 4300
Pat Moloney 5000
Gary Morfett 4400
Paul Schmidt 4500
John Hand 4800
Natalie Hughes 4700
Leon Crowder 4500
Matt Freeman 4100
John Musty 4000
Gary Murray 4400
Craig Aldusevicius 3800
Roy Boxall 4100
Jay Taylor 4000
Paul (Bubbles) Williams 4000
Mark Williamson 3800
Colin Smith 4400
Tom Mahendran 3800
Graham Smith 4000
Rory 3800
Patsy Smith 4000
Steve Blackwell 3900
David Cox 3900
Paul Lumley 4700
Glynis Boyce 3900
Daniel Jones 3800
Ian 4200
Spencer Scott 3600
A Hearn 3700
Dan Elmore 4200
Lol Hutton 3600
Steve Redhead 3400
Gary Phelan 3600
Scott Reading 3500
Launa Gear 3400
Jordan Watts 3400
Ian Lovering 3400
Calvin 3400
Jimer Hughes 3400
Jamie Lane 3600
Aurelio 3500
Ian Gibson 3400
Mitchell Sharp 3500
Paul Dodd 3500
Gavin Hines 3400
Paul Moloney 3600
Martin Talbott 3200
Jordan MONGEY 3200
James Mystic 3600
Dave Lagar 3100
Tommy Hilton 3100
Loraine Razey 3500
Graham Bartle 3300
Kelly Smith 3300
Ann Smith 3500
Michal Szmaciarski 3200
Mike Doyle 3200
Tony Clark 3100
Nicholas Seal 3000
Mo Endres 3300
Tony Mc 3100
Steve Norrington 2900
Lee Arnold 3200
Nick White 3000
Wendy O carroll 3000
Stedroy Lee skepple 2900
Jack Wilfort 3200
Grant Mitchell 3100
Diane Morfett 2900
Dave Taberner 2900
Will Little 2800
John 2800
Shakeem Thompson 2900
Nick Haines 2800
Billy Brady 2800
Gary Archer 2800
Ian Patterson 2800
Duanne Jackson 2800
Victor Robinson 2800
Henry Steele 2900
Ryan Salmon 2900
Lee Poulton 2800
Luke Jones 2800
Daniel Flynn 2900
Jimboy 2900
Harry Stewart 2800
Evans Akoneah 2900
Sean Sullivan 2700
Trevor Smith 2700
Colin 2700
Kieran Kearns 2700
Lee 2700
James Hosey 2700
Alex Skipper 2700
Steven Doherty 2700
Ivan Hawkins 2700
Jay Allen 2700
Mike Reading 2700
Esther Zhou 2700
Natasha Knight 2700
Owen Pearson 2700


Chris Larkin wins The Summer Season final on Sunday 10th July held at the St. John’s Club in Luton after starting with just 5,100 chips!

James Smith has won the Summer Season League

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Summer Season Finals

Congratulations to Chris Larkin for winning the GB Poker Club Summer Season Final 2016.

Chris from the St. John Club in Luton managed to hold off a good come back from Ryan Pugh from Yates in Luton after splitting the prize money of £380 three ways with Ryan and Gary Phelan from the Crown in Houghton Regis.

We hope everyone enjoyed the day and we also hope to be able to continue to run our finals at St. Johns Club in Luton going forward.


James Smith has won the Summer Season League and has booked his spot in the Grand Final in November.

Well Done Jimbo!


Spring 2016 Seasons Winner Iain Ross

 Click here to learn how to win the Las Vegas Trip



All GB Poker Games are..

Texas hold em No Limit.

£3.00 Buy-in + £2.00 Add-on (No registration Fee)

Register from 7.30pm (1 hour of late registration)







All games should start at 8pm with registration from 7.30pm

Each venue runs a Texas Holdem, No Limit Buy-In tournament with an entry fee of £3 per player. In games of under 20 players there is also one optional £2 rebuy or add-on. With games of 21-25 players there is an optional £1 rebuy or add-on and no rebuy in games of 26 players to 33 players. All players start with 2,500 chips and the rebuy or add-on is worth a further 2,000 chips if the rebuy or add-on is £2 or 1,000 chips if it is £1, this can be taken when you are either below 1,000 chips but not in a hand or at the first break. You must take your rebuy straight away if you have lost all your chips or you will be knocked out.

GB Poker Club does not profit in any way from the entry fees taken from players, all money taken on the night is returned by way of prize money on that night.

All finals games will be played at the G Casino in Luton, membership and play in the GB Poker Club is strictly for over 18s only and id must be shown by all new members.

Gamble responsibly, for more information visit www.gambleaware.co.uk

Welcome to GB Poker club

GB Poker Club is the biggest pub poker league in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire with 9 pubs in the two counties and over 1,000 members. We play Texas Hold'em Tournament Poker in pubs and bars and you gain points depending on your finishing position, at the end of each 3 Month Season everyone who has played at least 1 game is invited to face off in the final for ‘Big Cash Prizes’ and the chance to win a trip for 2 to Las Vegas.

Check out the Join Page for details and then the Venues page and use the map to find your closest event. The Marker on the map will give you the Venue name, address, telephone number and the day of the week and time the event is held.

Here's how it works, when you arrive you register with the tournament director, if it's your first time you will be given a membership card. Then just sign up and play!

We host £3.00 Texas Holdem No-Limit tournaments with a single optional re-buy/addon which is a maximum of £2.00.

New to Poker?

Beginners are more than welcome in fact the venue host will be happy to teach you the basics.

Poker is a great game played by all sorts of people of all ages. However, we understand it can be a little intimidating sometimes if you have never played before. The key thing to remember is there is only ever a maximum of £5 at stake per night (the price of a pint and a packet of nuts) so you can learn while you play without risking your house!

To make life a little easier we offer tuition before the game and we will advise you throughout the game on the options available to you (Call, Fold, Raise). Of course we can't actually tell you what to do as that would be unfair, but we are more than happy to discuss specific hands afterwards to help you learn more about the tactics and strategies you can use next time.

Poker can be learnt in an evening, but will take you a life time to master!

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