Winter Season Finals

G Casino Luton 06/04/2014
Registration: 13:00
Start: 14:30

Game Nights

Day TimeVenue
Sun 20:00
Mon 19:30
Mon 19:30
Tue 19:30 The Crown

£3 buy-in + £2 re-buy
Tue 19:30 The Jolly Milliner

£3 buy-in + £2 re-buy
Weds 19:30
Weds 19:30
Weds 19:30
Thurs 19:30
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Finals Prize Pool

This Seasons Prize Pool

1st - £300 cash + £100 G Casino Buyin and £50 headhunter

2nd - £200 cash

3rd - £150 cash

4th - £100 cash

5th - £80 cash

6th - £60 cash

7th - £50 cash

8th - £50 cash

4 x £25 headhunters are up for grabs

Spring Season Finals

The Spring Season Final is Sunday 6th April. Registration starts at 1pm and the game starts at 2.30pm. Please make sure you turn up with plenty of time as its going to be busy.

We will post the full starting stack breakdown by Friday.

Remember everyone is invited to play at the final so long as they have played at least one game in the season!

April Season Final

This seasons finals will run to the same format as January 2014.

Everyone will be invited to play at the final even if they have only played one game. Your starting stack will be your leader board points plus 5000 if you finish in the top 60 and your leader board points plus 2500 for everyone else.

The prize money will be the same and there will be two £50 headhunters!

We will confirm the date which is most likely going to be the 6th of April asap and start time will be 2.30pm with registration starting at 1pm.

This Seasons Top 8

This seasons winners were as follows.

1st - Jaydeen Macken (17) Mother Redcap - Total prize value £500

2nd - Derrick Smith (7) Mother Redcap - Total prize value £230

3rd - Gordon Lawrance (35) Duke of Wellington - Total prize value £170

4th - Lol Hutton (3) Globe Wednesdays - Total prize value £100

5th - Colin Smith (30) Globe Wednesdays - Total prize value £75

6th - Grant Pinsent (171) Globe Mondays - Total prize value £50

7th - Paul Stewart (52) Mother Redcap - Total prize value £40

8th - Mitchell Sharp (39) The Crown - Total prize value £30

Well Done Jaydeen!

A Massive well done to Jaydeen Macken for winning the GB Poker Club Winter finals on Sunday the 12th of January!

Jaydeen is our first lady winner and takes home £300 cash + £100 buy-in to a G Casino Tournament, + £50 headhunter for next season and a £50 Online buy-in.

Thanks to everyone who came, we had 75 players which is a record for the GB Poker Club. We hope everyone had a great day and look forward to seeing you all again in April!

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Final Chip Stacks
PosNameVenuePlayedChips (Inc Bonuses)
1Ian GibsonThe Globe (Weds)1013900
2Ryan PughThe Mother Redcap1213700
3Mitchell SharpThe Crown1213400
4Bob MackenzieThe Duke Of Wellington1112200
5Vince FerranteThe Globe (Weds)1112500
6Nicholas SealThe Crown1111900
7Dave StevensThe Globe (Weds)1011900
8Gary MorfettThe Crown1211800
9Jamie LaneThe Globe (Weds)1212200
10TrishThe Crown1211600
11Pete CameronThe Enigma Tavern1212000
12David LarkmanThe Globe (Mon)1111900
13Pat MoloneyThe Jolly Milliner1211100
14Jim HardistyThe Tawny Owl1111400
15Martin SkinnerThe Duke Of Wellington1011300
16A HearnThe Tawny Owl1111300
17Dave TabernerThe Enigma Tavern1111200
18John DuncanThe Duke Of Wellington1211200
19Geoff SteeleThe Globe (Weds)1111100
20Gordon LawrenceThe Duke Of Wellington1210600
21Paul SchmidtThe Jolly Milliner1010600
22Pete CrawleyThe Tawny Owl1210500
23Paul StewartThe Mother Redcap1210500
24Andrew BarrattThe Mother Redcap1010300
25James SmithThe Mother Redcap1210800
26Ross HarveyThe Tawny Owl1210800
27Andy WalkerThe Duke Of Wellington810200
28Jamie NolanThe Enigma Tavern1010600
29Ty ForemanThe Duke Of Wellington1110100
30Danny LismoreThe Tawny Owl810100
31Hannah FordhamThe Mother Redcap910000
32Sam MilfordThe Tawny Owl1110000
33Colin SmithThe Globe (Mon)1210400
34Ashley TaaffeThe Mother Redcap1210300
35Karen MeadThe Globe (Mon)1010300
36PaulThe Tawny Owl99600
37Chris SmithThe Globe (Mon)1210100
38Leon CrowderThe Mother Redcap109600
39Stuetina HawkinsThe Tawny Owl109500
40Ian HardieThe Globe (Weds)109400
41Jason O SheaThe Jolly Milliner69300
42Jonathan NolanThe Enigma Tavern79300
43Bev PinsentThe Jolly Milliner69100
44Michelle GallagherThe Duke Of Wellington109100
45Paul HThe Duke Of Wellington89600
46Graham BartleThe Globe (Weds)129000
47Steve RedheadThe Enigma Tavern89500
48Andy JamesThe Mother Redcap89000
49Josh BonnerThe Globe (Weds)99000
50Claire ShekleThe Jolly Milliner119500
51Duncan FraserThe Jolly Milliner99500
52Aaron TaaffeThe Mother Redcap98900
53Jaydeen MackenThe Mother Redcap128800
54ShannonThe Jolly Milliner99300
55Lol HuttonThe Globe (Weds)128700
56Kevin GreyThe Tawny Owl128700
57Craig FerranteGB Poker Club Online89200
58Kevin CullenThe Mother Redcap58600
59Jack GallagherThe Duke Of Wellington88600
60Patsy SmithThe Mother Redcap129100
61Paul IbbotsonThe Tawny Owl96000
62Bob CourticeThe Enigma Tavern76000
63Allan TallboyThe Duke Of Wellington106000
64Kieran KearnsThe Jolly Milliner85900
65Paul MoloneyThe Jolly Milliner55900
66Kelly FreedmanThe Globe (Weds)95900
67Alan JonesThe Globe (Mon)125900
68Phillip EmmersonThe Crown95900
69Ken EdgeThe Jolly Milliner105900
70Steve CannonThe Globe (Mon)85900
71Ian LoveringThe Tawny Owl55800
72Antony RoyallThe Mother Redcap85800
73Mike ParrThe Mother Redcap85700
74Phil WhiteThe Enigma Tavern75700
75Geoff MaloneyThe Duke Of Wellington125500
76David CoxThe Tawny Owl95500
77Glynis BoyceThe Tawny Owl95400
78Nicola NolanThe Enigma Tavern75400
79Daniel FlynnThe Jolly Milliner95400
80Terry HullockThe Duke Of Wellington95300
81Derrick SmithThe Mother Redcap65300
82Tyler CannonThe Globe (Mon)75300
83LorraineThe Globe (Mon)65200
84Paul LumleyThe Jolly Milliner105200
85Jason ChillmaidGB Poker Club Online55200
86DERRICK SMITHThe Mother Redcap55100
87Matthew EvansGB Poker Club Online55100
88Stephen PinsentThe Jolly Milliner65000
89David PottsThe Globe (Weds)45000
90Steve JeppThe Tawny Owl35000
91Ben AlboneThe Globe (Weds)45000
92Ashley Beckman-WhelanThe Mother Redcap64700
93Luke MaddenThe Mother Redcap94600
94Wayne PolsonThe Jolly Milliner64500
95Benn MoffatGB Poker Club Online54500
96Henry AllanThe Crown54500
97James HoseyThe Mother Redcap84500
98Nick WhiteThe Globe (Weds)124400
99Chris ElseThe Globe (Mon)54400
100Anthony DanielThe Globe (Mon)34300
101Kev CannonThe Globe (Weds)54300
102Mo EndresThe Globe (Weds)114200
103Daniel WilfortThe Jolly Milliner44100
104Andy VassThe Mother Redcap84100
105Eamonn TaaffeThe Mother Redcap54100
106Grant PinsentThe Jolly Milliner54100
107James MysticThe Jolly Milliner74100
108Martin NewmanThe Crown54000
109Kevin YoungThe Tawny Owl34000
110John GuestThe Mother Redcap14000
111Stedroy Lee SkeppleThe Jolly Milliner44000
112Ian BowsherThe Enigma Tavern44000
113Michael ReeceThe Enigma Tavern54000
114Paul WhiteheadThe Duke Of Wellington54000
115TedThe Globe (Weds)54000
116Victor RobinsonThe Globe (Weds)94000
117FrankoThe Globe (Weds)33900
118Ryan FalknerThe Mother Redcap23900
119Trendy Bonham-CarterThe Duke Of Wellington23900
120Ivan HawkinsThe Tawny Owl63900
121Ben WardThe Globe (Weds)13800
122Emma ShekleThe Globe (Weds)33800
123Martin BairdThe Enigma Tavern23800
124Dan BanburyThe Tawny Owl43800
125Tom ClampThe Duke Of Wellington53800
126Daniel GardenerThe Crown33700
127Florin CalaroiThe Mother Redcap43600
128HannahThe Tawny Owl33600
129DAN PHILLIPSThe Duke Of Wellington23600
130Ashleigh PrimeThe Mother Redcap73500
131Mark HanleyThe Globe (Weds)23500
132Rob BrowningThe Globe (Weds)33500
133Jason KingGB Poker Club Online23500
134John PtolomeyThe Mother Redcap13500
135Gary BaxterThe Enigma Tavern23500
136Tommy HiltonThe Mother Redcap63400
137Rob TownsendThe Jolly Milliner13400
138Luke MerrickThe Duke Of Wellington33400
139Jamie ThomsonThe Globe (Weds)53300
140Scott GriffithsThe Crown23300
141Danny NantonThe Mother Redcap53300
142MarvinThe Globe (Weds)33200
143Shaun SmithThe Globe (Weds)13200
144Sonia KirpalaniThe Globe (Mon)43200
145Andrew ConniffThe Crown13200
146GeordieThe Crown33200
147AlanThe Crown23100
148Damien RyanThe Crown23100
149DANIEL FLUXThe Duke Of Wellington33000
150Ben TurnerThe Tawny Owl43000
151Dave UnderwoodThe Tawny Owl43000
152Alison RogersThe Jolly Milliner13000
153Glenys KettThe Mother Redcap33000
154RobThe Globe (Mon)13000
155Matt FreemanThe Crown13000
156TomThe Crown23000
157Jackie NolanThe Enigma Tavern13000
158GRAHAM HOLMSThe Duke Of Wellington12900
159Jo MiddletonThe Mother Redcap12900
160Steve MerrickThe Duke Of Wellington32900
161Mike Moseby TylerThe Enigma Tavern22900
162Jimmy PetersThe Globe (Mon)12900
163Colin CatlingThe Globe (Weds)22900
164Kevin GuckianThe Mother Redcap22800
165Will LittleThe Mother Redcap22800
166Antony WellsThe Duke Of Wellington22800
167DesThe Duke Of Wellington12800
168Sunny ShahThe Jolly Milliner22800
169Adie ClaphamThe Tawny Owl22800
170Lisa CameronThe Enigma Tavern22800
171Merson BurnsThe Enigma Tavern12800
172Neil PlainThe Duke Of Wellington22800
173Diane MorfettThe Crown22700
174Kirsty FlynnThe Globe (Mon)12700
175Colin KingslandThe Globe (Weds)12700
176Eddie CooperThe Globe (Weds)12700
177Jayden BlakeThe Globe (Weds)12700
179Eather ChouThe Mother Redcap12700
180Emily TondsThe Mother Redcap12700
181Jamie DoelThe Mother Redcap12700
182Jim SmithThe Mother Redcap12700
183John HurrellThe Mother Redcap12700
184Liam DevineThe Mother Redcap12700
185Mirram FolleyThe Mother Redcap12700
186Paul HionsThe Mother Redcap12700
187Robert CairnsThe Mother Redcap12700
188Sandy ShekleThe Mother Redcap12700
189Sophia DelgoshaThe Mother Redcap12700
190Phil WellsThe Jolly Milliner12700
191Graham PerseyThe Tawny Owl12700
192Sarah BhyrodinThe Tawny Owl12700
193BrianThe Globe (Mon)12700
194Seb CummingsThe Globe (Mon)12700
195Dave BealThe Duke Of Wellington12700
196JAMIE FRYERThe Duke Of Wellington12700
197Paul OconnorThe Duke Of Wellington12700
198Alex LoadmanGB Poker Club Online12700
199Jacob PodgorskiGB Poker Club Online12700
200Daniel JonesThe Crown12600
201Mark HughesThe Crown12600
202John LeckeyThe Jolly Milliner12600
203Cory DouglassThe Tawny Owl12600
Welcome to GB Poker club

GB Poker Club is exactly what it sounds like, the best Poker Club in Britain. We play in Pubs and bars and you gain points depending on your finishing position, at the end of the three month Season the top 50 players face off in the final for ‘Big Cash Prizes’.

Check out the Join Page for details and then the Venues page and use the map to find your closest event. The Marker on the map will give you the Venue name, address, telephone number and the day of the week and time the event is held.

Here's how it works, when you arrive you register with the tournament director, if it's your first time you will be given a membership card. Then just sign up and play!

We host £3.00 Texas Holdem No-Limit tournaments with a single optional re-buy/addon which is a maximum of £2.00.

New to Poker?

Beginners are more than welcome in fact that's why we provide lessons!

Poker is a great game played by all sorts of people of all ages. However, we understand it can be a little intimidating sometimes if you have never played before. The key thing to remember is you have nothing to lose on the free-roll night’s and if you are feeling lucky and want to play for a little cash there is only ever a maximum of £5 at stake (the price of a pint and a packet of nuts) so you can learn while you play without risking your house!

To make life a little easier we offer tuition before the game and we will advise you throughout the game on the options available to you (Call, Fold, Raise). Of course we can't actually tell you what to do as that would be unfair, but we are more than happy to discuss specific hands afterwards to help you learn more about the tactics and strategies you can use next time.

Poker can be learnt in an evening, but will take you a life time to master!

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