Autumn Season Finals

G Casino Luton 05/10/2014
Registration: 13:00
Start: 14:30

Game Nights

Day TimeVenue
Mon 19:30
Mon 19:30
Tue 19:30 The Crown

£3 buy-in + £2 re-buy
Tue 19:30 The Jolly Milliner

£3 buy-in + £2 re-buy
Tue 19:30
Weds 19:30
Weds 19:30
Thurs 19:30
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PKR Usernames!

If you played in the Freerol tonight, please make sure you email us on admin@gbpokerclub.co.uk with your PKR Username, first and last name and your membership number if you know it!

This way we can make sure your results are recorded accurately.

Dont forget PKR games are on EVERY Sunday at 8pm, the next six weeks will be $5 buy in, and the 7th week will be an invite ony $150 Freeroll. To get your ticket to the freeroll you MUST play at least one of the 6 previous $5 buy in games, so make sure you come back and play again. Of course all points are allocated in the normal way and will contribute to the season finals chip stack.

Banner Time!

The Dolphin Raises the
GB Poker Club Banner

Wednesday is nearly here, and the banners have pride of place, looks like it will be a great opening night, with plenty of interest already.

See you on Wednesday everyone, remember to get in early if you want a few minutes pactise / tuition.

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Raising the Stakes

Once a year starting in November 2015 the GB Poker Club will host a free to play last 16 game at the G Casino in Luton.

1st prize will be A One Week Trip for 2 to Las Vegas, Nevada Including Accommodation at The Luxor on the Las Vegas Main Strip and £500 Spending Money OR £1,500 cash.

There will also be a 2nd prize of £500 Cash and we may also offer a consolation prize for 3rd to be decided closer to the final day.

The starting Stacks in the last 16 game will be 10,000 chips. However, players can earn an extra 5,000 starting chips if they qualify for the event twice in the same promotion. The maximum starting stack will be 15,000 chips.

There are a number of ways to qualify for this last 16 game.

The first 8 places will go to..

1.Any player who wins a quarterly GB Poker Club Final during the promotion. These Finals will be played in January, April, July and October 2015.

2.Any player who wins the overall quarterly GB Poker Club League during the promotion. These Leagues will be for the Winter 2014 and Spring, Summer & Autumn Seasons of 2015.

Once a year starting in late October 2015 there will be a £8 buy-in play-off game where the last 8 standing will also take a seat in the last 16 game.

The starting stacks for the play-offs will be 10,000 chips. There will be no additional chips for qualifying more than once for this event.

There are a number of ways to qualify for this play-off event..

1.Any players who finish in the top 10 (The Final Table) of a GB Poker Club quarterly Final during the promotion excluding the overall winner. These Finals will be played in January, April, July and October 2015.

2.Any player who wins their respective pub on points in the quarter as shown on the GB Poker Club Pub Leaderboard during the promotion excluding the overall winner of the league. These leagues will be for the Winter 2014 & Spring, Summer & Autumn Seasons of 2015.


Welcome to GB Poker club

GB Poker Club is exactly what it sounds like, the best Poker Club in Britain. We play in Pubs and bars and you gain points depending on your finishing position, at the end of the three month Season the top 50 players face off in the final for ‘Big Cash Prizes’.

Check out the Join Page for details and then the Venues page and use the map to find your closest event. The Marker on the map will give you the Venue name, address, telephone number and the day of the week and time the event is held.

Here's how it works, when you arrive you register with the tournament director, if it's your first time you will be given a membership card. Then just sign up and play!

We host £3.00 Texas Holdem No-Limit tournaments with a single optional re-buy/addon which is a maximum of £2.00.

New to Poker?

Beginners are more than welcome in fact that's why we provide lessons!

Poker is a great game played by all sorts of people of all ages. However, we understand it can be a little intimidating sometimes if you have never played before. The key thing to remember is you have nothing to lose on the free-roll night’s and if you are feeling lucky and want to play for a little cash there is only ever a maximum of £5 at stake (the price of a pint and a packet of nuts) so you can learn while you play without risking your house!

To make life a little easier we offer tuition before the game and we will advise you throughout the game on the options available to you (Call, Fold, Raise). Of course we can't actually tell you what to do as that would be unfair, but we are more than happy to discuss specific hands afterwards to help you learn more about the tactics and strategies you can use next time.

Poker can be learnt in an evening, but will take you a life time to master!

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